This is me, i love to play games and played them all my life on all computers and consoles from the good old MSX days to the PS4 days.. now i make them... just because i can :)
Its my hobby and passion i love to make them and they are all free too.... 

I work full time have a beautiful loving wife, 2  children and a wonderfull family.
My son helps me a lot with creating the music for my games and my brother, daughter and friends give me ideas and inspiration for making the games better and help me with testing.

My favorite games in the old days where Runemaster, Aleste, Dragonslayer, Final Fantasy,Metal Gear, Penguin Adventure, Ikari Warriors, Tekken, Streetfighter and later on White Knights, Tombraider, Mario Golf, Mario Party, Arc Survival and Minecraft.
Tried Genshin Impact but after reaching lvl 32 became soooo boring....
 But from the biginning i am a HARDCORE Destiny player :))  one of the few games that almost never gets bored !

How i find the time .... I make time lol, i admit most wont invite me to a raid anymore..... and i blame gamemaker the platform i create my games on :).