Cardbox Battle

This game is pretty easy to play...
just take a card from the stack and drop it in the box...

Sounds easy right ?
Well its not so difficult to reach the next stage but the target score increases every stage.

In total 10 stages to beat before you can enter your name in the highscore.

You can set the difficulty to easy, normal or hard.

Easy shows 5 lines of cards so it will be easier to make strong combinations but the points awarded will be less, normal shows 3 lines and hard only 1 line but ofcourse the rewards on hard are way better !!!

You can always check the points awarded and possible combinations clicking the "?" mark on the bottom right.

I made 2 set/types of cards 

Classic: Simple original cards like most decks.
Modern: Colorful cards with a picture on them.

Also good to know there is a help function,

You can see it in the screenshot, its the round button with slimer and some question marks on it, also the amount of help cards left is shown on the bottom right corner of this button.

When you really need a card to complete a line just click the help button and click again on a place in the box where the missing card is and it will show you where it is...
If you change your mind click the help button again to deactivate it.

You can earn an additional help when you make a royal flush !!! 

I think most of you know the poker values right ?

Well just incase it blurry.. here we go in the order of value...

1 pair - 2 of the same cards
2 pair - 2x 1 Pair :)
3 of A kind - 3 of the same cards
Straight - 5 cards in sequence
Flush - 5 cards of the same color
Fullhouse - 1 pair + 3 of a kind
4 of a kind - 4 of the same cards
Straight Flush - 5 cards in sequense of the same color
Royal Flush - An ace-high straight flush
5 of a kind - 4 of the same cards + joker

And remember.... Royal flush gives an extra help :)

The score shown in the right upper corner is your total points earned, when its red your in trouble.... you have to reach the target score for every round and when you do it will turn green.

The additional points you earn will go with you to the next round.

The second box below the total points show the round score yellow.

Finally we have the timer in white numbers, if the timer runs out the game doesnt end !!!, it just gives you additional points when you can fill the box with seconds to spare, an extra 10 points for every second.

The timer is set to 200 seconds for every round.

Now lets get into some tactics !.

I always try to make a straight at the bottom line and match the cards on top of them with the same cards to get a full house or better vertical.

Ideal for me is when i can place a joker in the middle so i can get some extra points out of the diagonal lines.

I take my time to look at the cards in the upper lines so i can make the most possible strong combinations, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice and skip a fullhouse for a 4 of a kind.

Dont rush anything because of the timer because a good combination is worth a lot more then a few seconds.

Below some screenshots where you can see the difference between the mobile and pc version.

Mobile version with modern cards, in this version you can also choose to play with classic cards

PC version, this version currently only has the modern cards.

The Idea

I came up with the idea to make this game because of an old game my brother and i used to play on the MSX, that game was called Ryukyu a japanese game very similair to Cardbox Battle.
One day my brother told me that even to this day he still plays this game on his phone using an emulator, i stopped playing it a long time ago because there was a bug in the game, every time you reached a certain score the game crashed like there was a maximum to the points and when you got over that amount..... FREEZE :(
I thought ok i will surprise my brother with a new version, better looking, more options and ofcourse FASTER :)
So i started positive and full of energy and in 1 weekend finished the graphics, layout, music and thought this is too easy...
Then came the poker values i had to calculate for every possible combination..... that was hard work really underestimated that one !!!
Took me a month to complete the calculations...
My brother did most of the testing for me and still we both have so many ideas for this game !!!
As many fellow game makers probably share this thought, the game is never finished, always a new idea, better graphics, another sound, another sprite, more options etc etc......, you have to realease the game sometime and can always add new versions later on.

Future Updates

Listed below are some things im working of for future updates.

  • Backgrounds and flags from other countries
  • Undo function
  • Bonus round with extra jokers
  • Highscore for best round
  • Balance the bonuscounter, more points for higher difficulty
  • Very easy mode, see all cards
  • Different music for every round


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Below the links to download the game.

PC Version - 

This is the pc version of Cardbox battle
Click the image to download from

Android Version - Google Playstore

This is the android version of Cardbox Battle
Click the image to download from Google Playstore

PC Version - Gamejolt

This is the pc version of Cardbox battle
Click the image to download from Gamejolt

Android Version - Amazon Appstore

This is the android version of Cardbox Battle
Click the image to download from Amazon Appstore