Diceworld Kingdoms Online

To start an online game this is what you deed to do.

The first step is the most difficult, you have to open a port on your router.

You have to connect to your router by computer, phone or whatever device you have and look for an option PORT FORWARDING.
Choose the device there you whish to host the game with and choose a port number.

With that done your friends will be able to join you using that port, what helped me is to google the specific router that i have and mostly you will get a step by step guide on how to do it.

Ok with that done you can start the online game, choose the second option from the title screen.

This is the next screen you get.

Here you have to fill in your ip adress, if you dont know it just open your browser and type... WHATSMYIP.
Your ip adress will show in the upper part of the screen.
Remember it because you need to give it to your friends later on.
when finished choose the thumbs up.

Ok... now you have to type the port number you opened earlier on and confirm again with the thumb up.

The next step you have to push the create button to setup an online game.

After that you get the regular options as seen below, confirm every step with the thumbs up.

Choose the total amount of friends that will join the game.

Choose the world to play.

Choose your player.

When you are done the screen will look like this.

In this setup i chose to just play with 1 friend, as you can see his icon on the globe is still red so i will give him the ip and port number now and tell him to join.

After he types both ip and port he can choose to join.

Then he has to choose his player, he can see the one i chose also.

After he chose his character he will return to the globe and the game starts automatically.

Done !!, this screenshot is my friend, in the upper right corner you can check the player that has to make a move.

I hope this tutorial makes it a little easier to play online.