A puzzle game thats easy to play, you can take your time to solve the puzzles and the controls are very easy.

The goal is to find all the keys hidden in each round, the exit door will show an amount of locks and every time you collect a key one lock on the door will open.

There are quite a few bad guys in most rounds so take your time to plann how to lock them in so you can take the key without beeing chased by them.

Keys can also be hidden untherneath blocks and it can be quite challenging to collect them, always think ahead and take your time to make a strategy before you do anything.

Incase you get stuck there is always the death key, the skull in the upper right corner, just tab/click it and you can restart the round.

Some enemies wake up when you collect all the keys so be sure to either trap them before you take the last one or make sure the way to the door is clear and make a run for it.

The left upper corner shows the round you are in and next to it you can see the remaining lives.

The game wil automatically save every 5 rounds so you wont have to go back a long way :)

Currently i made 100 rounds in this adventure and i tried to make them a little more challenging along the way but due to a shortage of testers i cant guarantee some will be to difficult to complete :(

Just let me know if you get to a stage thats too hard and i will correct it :)

The Idea.....

The idea.... hummm as most of you true indie gamers know its not completely mine.
A long time ago when i just got my first computer.. yes an MSX :)

I saved a long time for my first cartridge and bought a game called Eggerland Mystery.

That game was AWESOME !!!!, my sister and mother claimed the msx every minute they could just to puzzle away with this game, i think we all completed it 20 times :), i can still hum the song !!!
As i started programming this game i wanted the controls similair to Eggerland, i changed all the characters and tried to be original in the puzzles and enemies but after a while i realised there was no way for me to come even close to the original.. but at least i made my children and my mother very happy with this new version.
The ones who played this game will see the first couple of rounds are almost exactly the same as the ones in Eggerland but... along the way i became more creative :)

Future Updates

Ok ok ....working on it...or not...

  • Better enemy movement
  • Bonusround every 10th stage (just like Eggerland) :))
  • Level create.... yeah i wish....
  • Better music, the one i used was made for Diceworld Kingdoms my future game
  • Oh well nothing can top Eggerland lol maybe better to get my MSX out of the attic !


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Below the links to download the game.

PC Version -

This is the pc version of TrixieMaxx
Click the image to download from

Android Version - Google Playstore

This is the android version of TrixieMaxx
Click the image to download from the Google Playstore

PC Version - Gamejolt

This is the pc version of TrixieMaxx
Click the image to download from Gamejolt